OEM Products

  • Compact design.
  • High strength aluminum.
  • High strength, low heat rise copper.
  • Relative light weight construction. Economy and efficiency.
  • Tested products in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association requirements for listing.

Aluminum extrusions have almost a two-to-one advantage in yield strength to that of a sand cast alloy 356 or die cast alloy AXS679, permitting an extra margin of safety while the conductivity is a most favorable 43% IACS. Our products are fabricated from the very best aluminum alloy, 6061-T6.

Copper connectors are formed from 100% pure electrolytic copper to eliminate the effects upon conductivity when alloys are utilized to reduce costs. These light weight connectors will perform better than many of the heavier, more bulky cast copper alloyed products on the market.

Additionally, CMC manufactures a variety of aluminum, steel & copper custom products for the renewable market.