Copper Connectors

CONNECTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY® fabricates the best in electrolytic copper electrical connectors. Copper Connectors are formed from 100% pure electrolytic copper to eliminate the effects upon conductivity when alloys are utilized to reduce costs.

CMC® Copper Connectors are either extruded from pure electrolytic copper or formed from copper tubing carefully shaped to size. They may also be produced from copper strip which is used to form the tang or bus connection. These light weight connectors will perform better than many of the heavier, more bulky cast copper alloyed products on the market. This saves the customer the cost in metal, freight and space, while gaining top conductivity.

We therefore, offer these advantages in connector design:

  1. Compact design.
  2. High strength -- low heat rise copper.
  3. Relative light weight construction.
  4. Economy and efficiency.
  5. Tested products in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association requirements for listing.

These features together with our dedication for the highest quality standards available and an unsurpassed service level, provide our customers with maximum reliability.